Deadline for Mini-symposia proposal: TBA

Guidelines for mini-symposia

Mini-symposia should comprise four presentations on a single topic of substantial current interest and importance in Mathematical Biology. Each talk will consist of 20-25 minutes, with additional 5-10 minutes for discussions.

The Mini-symposium proposal should follow the template below and include the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the organizer(s), a short description of the mini-symposium topic and goal, and the name, affiliation and abstract of each of the suggested speakers.

The invited speakers do not upload their abstract, only the mini-symposium organizer(s) should, within the proposal. The proposal must contain a general abstract of the mini-symposium, where the goals and topics should be clearly stated and the abstracts of each talk within the mini-symposium. The individual abstracts are required for the revision and decision process.

Please use the template below to submit your proposal. For submission, one must create a user account on the registration platform and upload their proposal within the submission area. The registration as a conference participant must be done at a later time, after the decision date. Nevertheless, one must do this registration as a participant (to generate the invoice) themself; having your proposal accepted does not automatically register you for the conference.

Please make sure that your mini-symposium speakers are not double-booked, i.e. they may present in only one mini-symposium. Also, if they are part of a mini-symposium, they are not allowed to submit a contributed talk or a poster.

Please save your file as “Minisymposium_NameSurname.tex” for submission, and follow the example for proposal.